Hey Love

(L&M: Katharina Baetz Rubin)

Hey love what are you gonna do there´s music in the street and it´s moving you hey Love what are you gonna do when the drum it grabs your heart and the song is singing you

Why don´t why don´t you create something beautiful why don´t why don´t you create it now

Hey Love are you gonna go there are hundred singers shouting in your soul hey love are you gonna go they´re joining in a choir singing out their love

Why don´t….

I believe in music I believe in song I believe in wild guitars and I sure believe in the drum I believe in chords I believe in keys I believe in the base playing wild dreams I believe what I believe is all for free

Hey love can you really hear all the beauty playing everywhere hey love do you really dare to open up your heart and sing what is in there

Why don´t….

Hey Love…