Emma She´s Emmarican

(L&M: Katharina Baetz Rubin)

She wears that song like a dress on fire She dances all night long She follows her desire As she flies cross the floor Free as wind  She don´t ask for more Cause she´s doing her thing

Emma she´s Emmarican There´s lots of wild life in Emma´s land She stands tall and cares for the young Lots of love and gunpowder in Emma´s song

She´s got that rhythm down Her steps are right on time She knows when to move And when to stand her ground All she needs is her faith As she soars across the room Cause music is her lover and life´s her tune

Emma she´s Emmarican…

Nightwind blows her song around Leaves her with a sound As she listens to that sound of love love just dance her all around

Emma she´s Emmarican….