How Was That Day

How was that day

(L&M: Katharina Baetz Rubin)

You always rode that dark horse in life´s wild race got your shots of dopamine in that hamster wheel chase but you ran out of luck  one day cried like a baby child you gathered all your music and rode into the wild

How was that day did you feel real free and happy did you do the best that you could to make somebody feel good

You travelled cross the comfort zone watching life on a screen that elevator music almost crushed your dream but you ran out of honey had to live on a rock you could feel the ground again ah your soul ran into luck

How was that day…..

And you found the song of silence to the secret roads within now you´re travelling your heartland following your dream and you lay down in the sweet green grass and sing into the sky endless songs of happiness are keeping you alive

How was that day….