Thank you

There are so many wonderful people who has helped me with this album.

I want to thank the band for a lot of inspiring inputs and Louise Nipper for a fantastic job as producer with the technical part of the studio work.

Thank you to Casper Rubin for a lot of support and help with beautiful pictures, videos, and encouragement with my songwriting.

To Cecilie Thaning for support and encouragement.

To Cathrine Nordseth for listening and choir singing.

Thanks to Rich Ann and Ariana Baetz for proofreading.

Thanks to Asbjørn Hasløv, Sigurdur Pall Sigurdsson, Michael Müller for optimizing pictures for slideshows and photoshop work on the cover.

Thanks to Thomas Høgsted for great coaching and to Peter Ulrik Thomsen for lending us his drums, doing handclaps, and singing choir.

Thanks to Gospel Unusual for their choir work, to Emma Thaning for photos, to Rosalina Koefoed Thaning for help with editing pictures, to Rasmus Thaning for administrative help, to Per Gervi for demo recordings, to DPA for grant to start production, to Tine Oksen and Tanja Juul for choir work, and Frederik Thaning for listening and suggesting single options.

To Maj Munk for work on social media.