Press review

Katharina & Raven Chant "The Journey"

"Soulful album revives the pure and well-produced soul-pop"

People under 33 hardly believe it. But pure Soul pop with roots and gospel sensations

has actually been IN once. In the '70s,' 80s, and '90s, the genre even brought artists

all the way to the top of the charts. Well-produced albums with good songs released in stripes -

and many are still classics to this day - Bonnie Raitt "Nick of Time", Hall &

Oates "Private Eyes", Michael McDonald "If It's What It Takes" and Steely Dan "Gaucho" -

just to name a little different colored four-leaf clover.

Katharina Baetz, the woman in front of Katharina & the Raven Chant, writes the music and the lyrics

- and if this was an album released 25 years ago, it had guaranteed both won a couple of awards and been sure of at least a couple of radio hits in the form of "You Got My Love" and "How Was That Day". Now it is 2019, and it will probably be "just" a mature album for those

curious people, who has a nose to find delicious sounds and good new timeless songs for the ear canals.

It's the band's third album since the debut album in 96 - but Katharina Baetz has the whole time spent doing something with music - for example. as choir director for Gospel Unusual, who also contributes to a couple of tracks on "The Journey".

Her gospel background also shines through on much of the album. Music and song swings and sinks in a sophisticated, sensual and soulful way - and it is felt that

the work is just as serious with the choral work as with the rest of the excruciatingly well played production

In terms of lyrics, Katharina circulates around the near and the dear - for example, the beautiful "Emma She's Emmarican", created from an overheard phrase from one of the kids in the family - or the big swinging "Hey Sister" that is a warm declaration of love for - yes guess yourself - the sister. However, it never gets too self-centered because it's universal observations and emotions that´s revealed, and is recognizable by most adult people. Thoughts about what was, what is - and what is (perhaps) coming - and about the love of life itself, and the music, as a force. "I believe in music, I believe in song, I believe in wild guitars, and I sure believe in the drum - I believe in chords, I believe in keys, I believe in the base playing wild dreams, I believe what I believe, is all for free ”- she sings on“ Hey Love ”. And here we are at the core. Katharina & Raven Chants believes in the project - they WANT it. It can be heard and they all contribute - together with the brilliant producer Louise Nipper - into a full fat whole with a style of a soundscape that one hardly believed existed in this decade.

That is it. In the highest degree.

  • Steen Kyed - guitar,
  • Henrik David Mikkelsen - keys,
  • Jon Bruland - bass,
  • Jesper Nørløv - percussion
  • Jesper Lind - drums,

are constantly tight and playfully airy, and ensures a musical landscape that has its roots and railings in order. When it gets to the soloist, the dogma is also cut and clear - "rather a little and devotional good - than too many fills ". It ensures a well-proportioned and well-tuned album with 10 tracks in 36 minutes – The album leaves bright lights on the mind, and is comfortable massage for both ears and music heart. In no way innovative - but we should not use that term in this context either. Here, well-written songs are in the right clothes. And that is exactly what you meet here - and if it is outdated - then leave it at that. It will probably be IN someday too be out of date!

  • Mads Kornum